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Our healthcare service, Oxy-Massage Therapy is an oxygen-based massage targeted specifically at providing relief from stresses and fatigue – both mental and physical. Listening to soothing ambient music, you can take a 30-minute massage to both relax and energize yourself. The massage does not use any oils and does not require undressing.

Therapists use their palms, fingers, elbows, and forearms to conduct the massage. The massage, using oxygen therapy, has numerous health benefits, such as increasing energy, improving endurance, reducing stress, enhancing performance, increasing speed, reducing recovery time from fatigue, heightened concentration and memory, improved digestion and cell metabolism, relief of muscle stiffness, and improved sleep patterns.

Oxy Massage Therapy is beneficial for those with existing medical conditions, athletes looking to improve their performance, and those seeking relief from physical and mental fatigue. Through oxygen therapy, individuals can experience a more comfortable and energized lifestyle.

About the program

Our healthcare service, Oxy-Massage Therapy is an oxygen-based massage targeted specifically at providing relief from stresses and fatigue – both mental and physical. Listening to soothing ambient music, you can take a 30-minute massage to both relax and energize yourself. The massage does not use any oils and does not require undressing.

Advantages of Oxygen Therapy Massage:

  • Increased energy production: Oxygen Therapy Massage helps to increase oxygen levels in the body, resulting in increased energy production.

  • Improved endurance: Oxygen Therapy Massage also promotes improved endurance, allowing individuals to better manage physical exertion.

  • Enhanced performance: The oxygen-rich massage helps to improve the performance of athletes and other individuals.

  • Faster recovery time from fatigue: With increased oxygen levels, individuals can quickly recover from fatigue.

  • Increased speed: Oxygen Therapy Massage has shown increased speed and agility in athletes.

  • Reduced stress levels: Stress levels are reduced after Oxygen Therapy Massage, which can lead to improved overall well-being.

  • Heightened concentration and memory: Oxygen Therapy Massage helps to improve memory and concentration due to increased oxygen levels in the body.

  • Improved digestion and cell metabolism: Oxygen Therapy Massage helps to improve digestion and cell metabolism leading to better overall health.

  • Relief of muscle stiffness: Oxygen Therapy Massage helps to relieve muscle stiffness, allowing individuals to feel more rested and energized.

  • Improved sleep patterns: Improved sleep patterns can result from regular Oxygen Therapy Massage.

  • Oxidization of impurities in the body: By using Oxygen Therapy Massage, the body can detoxify, and impurities are oxidized.

Service Team

Our team of licensed massage therapists, and medical professionals are highly trained and experienced. Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and care while ensuring that every individual has a safe and comfortable experience. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of life - which is why we strive to make Oxygen Massage Therapy both convenient and affordable. Our team of professionals is committed to providing each customer with personalized care to ensure that they receive the best possible treatment for their individual needs.

Related Services

We also offer additional services that may be beneficial to our clients.

  • Reflexology: Reflexology is a form of massage therapy that targets the feet, hands, and ears to stimulate key points that connect to other parts of the body. This therapy helps to improve the body’s energy flow, relieve pain, and promote overall relaxation.

  • Nutrition Counselling: Our nutrition counselors provide personalized advice on diet and nutrition, as well as lifestyle and behavior change to help you reach your health goals.

  • Acupressure: Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine that involves the stimulation of specific pressure points to promote natural healing and balance. This therapy can help to reduce pain and fatigue and improve overall health and well-being.

An individual enquires about oxy-massage at the Centre

Inquiry into Oxy-Massage


A Care Concierge engages the client

Engaging Client Interaction


A Massage Therapist resolves queries on Oxy-Therapy Massage

Resolving Oxy-Massage Queries


Care Concierge collects demographic data and does the billing

Data Collection and Billing


The Nurse records the customer’s vital signs and takes their signed self-declaration of no contraindications.

Vital Signs and Client Declaration


Care concierge guides the Client to the Massage Therapist in the Oxy-Massage room for therapy.

Guiding to Oxy-Massage Therapy


Client removes shoes/socks for a foot massage

Preparing for the Foot Massage


Each massage session is 30 mins

Duration of Massage Session


Oxygen cannula from the oxygen concentrator is affixed to the client's nostrils

Administering Oxygen during Massage


Music plays, and the client is asked to close his eyes and relax as the massage commences

Ensuring a Relaxing Atmosphere


Care Concierge collects client’s feedback and thanks him for his patronage

Collecting Feedback and Expressing Gratitude


Process Flow

Other Services



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Expert physicians, nutritionists, therapists, and counsellors offer services to address health, nutrition, emotional wellness, weight management, and lifestyle changes right at your workplace.



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Tailored program is offered for health and productivity. Evidence-based personalised advice is provided, using the latest genomic technologies, to recommend nutrition and health plans, best suited for individuals.

Pricing and Engagement

Our pricing for Oxygen Therapy Massage is based on the type of massage and duration of the session. For a 30-minute head and neck massage session, the pricing starts at Rs. 500/-. We also offer packages for longer sessions, discounts for repeat customers, and other special offers.

We can tailor the duration to the individual. We offer single sessions, as well as packages of multiple sessions for those who are consistent with their treatment. All sessions are by our qualified and experienced massage therapists in the comfort and privacy of our therapy room.

The prices for the 30-minute massages are as follows:

  • Head and Neck Massage: Rs. 500/-

  • Back Massage: Rs. 750/-

  • Foot Massage: Rs. 750/-

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