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What is LifeUno?

LifeUno is a one-stop solution that helps make sure that corporate employees are looked after in case of a health emergency, and to stay healthy and well.

How does it work?

We provide health and wellness services right in your corporate workspace, with our well-trained staff. The experts create individual Care Plans for each of your employees, and our staff will make sure that everyone follows the plan. We are like your facility maintenance team for your employees at your workplace.

Who are the healthcare professionals in the wellness center?

At the wellness center, corporate employees can get help from experienced and qualified healthcare professionals like doctors, nutritionists, nurses, massage therapists, counselors, etc.

How do you make sure services are good?

Our staff stick to our specially designed standard operating process (SOP) for the center, plus we have lots of different partners for health and wellness services within the workplace. Also, our staff get training regularly. We're here to make sure your employees stay healthy.

Can LifeUno do more than just wellness and wellbeing?

Yes - while we don't do medical interventions or treatments, we can help with emergency first-aid care and hospitalization. We can also provide extra help like finding the right experts for a certain illness or treatment and giving advice about them.

What problem is LifeUno trying to solve?

LifeUno wants to make sure that employees don't need to worry when they have a health issue. We want to make sure they don't have to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability, and we give them assurance and confidence that their employers at the workplace are looking after them.

How is it affordable?

LifeUno has expertise and knowledge, so we know the best places to get good deals on healthcare. We also focus on preventive care so that people don't need hospital treatment so much. Plus, our experts can help people find the right specialists, and can get them the best prices.

Does LifeUno offer any discounts?

Yes - we have special discounts and priority access arrangements with the hospitals and other service providers for the people who are our corporate clients, because of the large number of clients we bring to them.

Can employees choose their own healthcare provider or hospital?

Yes, they can. They can talk to their chosen hospital or other service providers and share all their medical records with them, using the app that LifeUno provides. This way, the diagnosis and treatment process can be faster, saving money and time.

How do corporate employees benefit from LifeUno services?

LifeUno gives them access to primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare options right at their office or centre at their workplace. The experts make individual plans for each person, using healthcare technology and LifeUno app. It also encourages employees to take part in looking after their health and has lots of digital content for learning more about it.

What is LifeUno Membership Service and what is the fee?

LifeUno Membership Service is a service only available by invitation. The annual Membership fee will depend on the type and category of Membership. We are coming up with the complete features of this product shortly.

What are the benefits of Membership?

Members are able to download the LifeUno App and sign up for individual or family, optional services as applicable under the Membership Plan, or use all services on a pay-per-use basis.

Embark on a seamless healthcare journey with LifeUno by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions. Dive into a reservoir of information that aims to clarify your doubts, ensuring that your path towards optimal wellness is smooth and comprehensible. Your curiosity fuels our commitment to transparent and accessible healthcare.

Navigating Your Queries with Our FAQs

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