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Wellness Executive/Wellness Associate/Care Manager
Responsible for the objectives, budgeting, planning, design, production, promotion, overall coordination, execution, reviewing and profitability of events for our customer/subscriber communities. Events may be physical, digital or ‘phygital’. Quickly learning our offerings, our Healthcare Partner’s offerings, and your marketing & commercial sense will determine your success.
KRAs: Primarily a ‘retail customer acquisition, engagement & retention’ role.
▪ Understand the customer objectives for wellness & well-being
▪Tracking the customer's wellness journey
▪ Proactively identify opportunities to promote wellness.
▪ Working in tandem with the healthcare team comprising physicians, registered nurses, physiotherapists, etc.; and
▪ Community development and maintaining customer engagement, participation and feedback.
Professional Experience/Qualifications/Attributes:
▪ Must be minimum 12th Standard Pass with relevant customer-facing background/experience. Graduate in Psychology or Hospitality and/or air hostess background shall be preferred.
▪ Minimum 2-3 years of customer-facing experience is desirable.  
▪ Able to converse in English, Hindi and local language.
▪ Mumbai-based, willing to travel; can work extended hours when required to complete tasks.
CTC: Commensurate with skills and experience.

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