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24x7 Wellness Centre @your Apartment Block 

LifeUno Wellness Centre at your residential premise works round the clock for the wellness and well-being of you and your family. Right from providing a rapid response to any medical emergency, free-of-cost OTC medicines, periodic vital checks and laboratory tests

as prescribed by our associated General Physician, you will always find our able

Care Manager besides you to provide support.

Your LifeUno                                   will be managed by trained and qualified professionals, and a bouquet  of healthcare services

will be available under one roof within your apartment complex.

Our care-staff will include:

General Physician  Wellness Manager I Registered Nurse 

Care Manager I Physiotherapist I Nutritionist



Hassle Free


Round the Clock

Wellness Centre

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Wellness Centre Equipment & Devices

Hospital Bed



First Aid  Kit

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

OTC Medicine


Sphygmomanometer - Mercury 

Sphygmomanometer - Digital

Oxygen Cylinder 

Oxygen Concentrator 


Portable ECG Device

BMI Measurement Device


Thermometer Digital

Thermometer - Infrared Digital

Pulse Oximeter

Back Massage Chair

Massage Trolly Bed

Automatic Massage Chair 

Get LifeUno Wellness Centre at your residential premise today

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Get LifeUno Wellness Centre at your residential premise today

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