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Empowering you with Care, Caution and Technology

Healthcare in India has been a complex and contrasting landscape. While on one hand, our cities are peppered with multi-speciality hospitals with the latest technology, on the other hand, a common man still relies on the concept of ‘jugaad’ when it comes to seeking medical care services. Whenever we need medical help, we call a friend who calls a friend, and so on and so forth. The increasing tendency of patients to visit “Dr Google”— over 35% of adults go online to try to identify a medical condition in themselves. They themselves are their first doctor completely replacing the General Physician. This solution to access healthcare needs is neither advisable nor reliable. The lack of proper advice and accessibility to the right doctor for healthcare needs are is the primary reasons for the highly transactional nature of healthcare in India. There is a vast gap both in awareness and implementation when it comes to primary and preventive care. Emphasis on preventive care can solve many of the problems for the patient in terms of misery and financial losses. It not only helps save huge costs for the patient but also cuts down the burden on the limited healthcare infra system in the country. With 90% of healthcare needs arising out of the physician’s office, primary care becomes paramount in ensuring well-being. However, it is mostly ignored by individuals and the healthcare system in India. In the current fragmented and curative health system, an individual struggles at multiple touch points whether it is the ease of access or establishing trust while seeking help. We often end up doing the preliminary diagnosis ourselves and start looking for secondary and tertiary providers, adding more to the treatment dilemma and second opinion of specialists in a particular field.

LifeUno offers a wide array of holistic wellness services to customers within the comforts of their homes. We act as a layer between the client and the existing well-developed secondary and tertiary healthcare system to provide a predictive experience. When we say we solve the problem of accessibility it doesn’t simply mean that we have great doctors, what it means is that through our end-to-end support you get holistic care. Your medical history, past and current issues, your lifestyle choices — all of these factors are taken into account when you seek care through LifeUno. For more details call 8055556868 and visit


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