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Prescribed pathology tests for periodic monitoring and routine health check-ups, as well as ECGs for monitoring heart conditions during an emergency and for regular health checks.

  1. Healthcare Service Name: DIAGNOSTICS

At LifeUno, diagnostics are a means to an end and we do not promote them per se. They form part of periodic monitoring, wellness packages and routine health check-ups to the extent required.    

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  1. Our programme focuses on:

The minimum required diagnostics, from the most reliable laboratory partners, at the best prices to support our preventive health and wellness programmes.

What Are the Benefits of DIAGNOSTICS

  • It provides a baseline benchmarking of various parameters of your health against standard reference values.

  • Periodic measurements, as part of a wellness monitoring programme, help set milestones for a personal wellness journey.

  1. Service Team:

Bookings and appointments are by the Wellness Concierge, while the Physician, Nurse and paramedical staff are responsible for prescriptions, drawing samples and consultations.

  1. Other Related Services

It varies from case to case and is determined by the Physician/consultant.

  1. Pricing and Engagement Period

Please check with our centre for the price list of a vast range of diagnostic tests.

Process Flow:

1. The individual reads about diagnostic services in a brochure/leaflet/advertorial or a Wellness Concierge informs them of it.

2. The individual visits the Centre to enquire, and the Wellness Concierge provides detailed information regarding the procedure and its benefits.

3. The physician/consultant prescribes the diagnostic test, or the client walks in with a valid prescription.

4. The wellness concierge bills for the test.

5. The Nurse or paramedical staff collects the sample of the client as per clinical protocol.

6. The Wellness Concierge calls back with the test report and arranges for a consultation with the physician as required.

7. The Wellness Concierge reminds the client to follow up on the guidance provided to ensure they maintain optimum health and wellness. The Wellness Concierge takes the client’s feedback and thanks them for their patronage.

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