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Lifestyle Modification

The Lifestyle Modification Programme is designed to help individuals achieve better health and wellness by providing a comprehensive approach that covers nutrition, physical activity, and emotional stress management. This programme is ideal for those looking to improve their overall health and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Through this programme, clients can access personalised nutritional advice, fitness information, and guidance on smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, and more. Our dedicated team of experts provides a trusting and supportive environment for each client, helping them to meet and exceed their individual goals. Our programme will help bring individuals one step closer to a healthier and longer life.


 Our programme focuses on:

Our programme focuses on providing comprehensive health and wellness support. This includes personalized nutrition counselling, lifestyle modifications, exercise advice, smoking and alcohol abuse education, and emotional stress support. Our team of medical experts provide the guidance, tools, and resources necessary to help our clients lead healthier and longer lives. Additionally, we focus on understanding the individual's genetic makeup and creating personalised healthcare plans. We strive to make our clients feel empowered to take control of their health.

Benefit Employees/Individuals

• Access to personalised health and wellness advice from a team of medical experts

• Comprehensive guidance for smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, emotional stress, and more

• Insight into one’s genetic makeup and understanding of the potential risks of various conditions • Recommendations on lifestyle modifications and individualised nutrition counselling

• Education and guidance on making informed health decisions

• Support for healthier and longer lives through the knowledge of ailments and disease

Benefit Employers/Corporates

• Enduring health for all employees

• Reduced prevalence of diseases

• Lower absenteeism and fewer instances of disability

• Reduced hospital admissions

• Improved productivity in the workplace

• Better understanding of employees’ health needs for improved employee satisfaction.

  1. Service Team:

At our Wellness Centre, we have a team of dedicated experts with a passion for healthcare and service. Our team comprises medical professionals, nutritionist, genetic counsellors and more. Our team is continuously working to create a personalised and trusting relationship with each one of our clients. Our experts are committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to our clients while helping them to achieve and maintain optimal health. Through our services, clients can access personalised healthcare plans, recommendations for lifestyle modifications, and comprehensive advice on smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, emotional stress management, and more. With our expertise and knowledge, we strive to bring individuals one step closer to a healthier and longer life.

  1. Other Related Services:

At our Wellness Centre, we offer other related services that complement our Lifestyle Modification Programme. These include fitness assessments, nutritional advice, mental health support, preventive screenings, and more. We tailor all our services to individual needs and goals. Additionally, we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for each client, while promoting holistic well-being. Our dedicated team of experts ensures our clients receive the comprehensive care they need to improve their overall health and quality of life.

  1. Pricing and Engagement Period:

At our Wellness Centre, we offer competitive pricing on all our services, including our Lifestyle Modification Programme. Prices may vary depending on the package and complexity of the analysis. Depending on your individual needs, we can work together to determine the best package and tailor it to your budget. A typical engagement lasts around 12 months. The fee for a comprehensive 12-month lifestyle modification programme starts from Rs. 1000/- per month, including consultation and advice.

Process Flow:

At our Wellness Centre, the lifestyle modification programme process is simple:

Step 1:   Initial Consultation – Schedule an initial consultation at the Wellness Centre with one of our lifestyle modification specialists. During this consultation, you can discuss your personal health goals and any questions you have about the programme.

Step 2:   Assessment – Upon selecting a lifestyle modification package, our experts will walk you through a comprehensive assessment that covers nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle habits.

Step 3:   Training and Education– Our team will provide you with education and training on how to make informed health decisions and adopt healthy lifestyle practices.

Step 4:   Follow-Up Appointments – Depending on your need, our team can provide regular follow-up appointments to discuss progress and review results.

Step 5:   Assessments – Our experts will perform regular assessments to help track your progress and success in reaching your goals.

Step 6:   Support and Advice – Our team will provide the necessary support and advice to help you maintain your progress and stay motivated.

By utilising our Lifestyle Modification Programme, you can access the resources, guidance, and tools to help you achieve better health. Whether it is physical, nutritional, or emotional, with our programme, you can learn to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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