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Our healthcare service, Consultations & Counselling, provides comprehensive support for employees and their families. We offer individual and corporate employee engagement programs, focusing on continuing care and utilising stored clinical data for trend analysis. Our goal is to reduce adverse outcomes and optimize overall health. We prioritise data security and have a dedicated team of physicians, nutritionists, and clinical psychologists. Our team provides high-quality care through in-person and virtual consultations tailored to individual needs.


Healthcare Service Name: Consultations & Counselling

Consultations and counselling services are available for employees at the workplace and for members of their families. This service can be availed either individually or as part of the corporate employee engagement program.

Our program focuses on:

Our program focuses on continuing care where we monitor, evaluate, and use stored clinical data to identify trends and patterns in the health and well-being of employees. Our program strives to reduce adverse outcomes and maximise an individual’s potential for a long and healthy life. The collected data is stored securely to prevent unauthorised access. This programme promotes routine and preventative self-care by encouraging regular health checks, maintaining an active lifestyle, and understanding the individual’s risks associated with lifestyle choices.

Service Team:

Our service team comprises caring and skilled professionals who are committed to providing the best care and support. We have a dedicated team of physicians, nutritionists, and clinical psychologists to provide services to our clients. All our specialists possess a wide range of expertise and knowledge in their fields and provide the highest quality of care. Our team are available for consultation and counselling services to clients in person, and virtually, depending on individual needs.

Other Related Services

We offer other related services to our clients such as:

  • Consultations with reputed specialists for a second opinion, when unsure of the best option for a critical clinical diagnosis or treatment

  • Lifestyle and diet coaching to manage their conditions better and lead healthier lives

  • Mental health counselling and patient advocacy to empower and ensure they receive the best possible care


Pricing and Engagement Period

The pricing for the consultation and counselling services varies, depending on the type of service and the mode of consultation opted. Physician consultations (in person) are available for Rs.500/-, and specialist consultations (in person or virtually) range up to Rs.2,000/-.

The types of in-person Consultations are as follows:

  1. Physician Consultation: Rs. 500/-

  2. Specialist Consultation: Rs. 800 to Rs.2,000/-

  3. Nutritionist Consultation: Rs. 500/-

  4. Clinical Psychologist: Rs. 750/- (will vary as per duration of the session)


Process Flow:

For consultation and counselling services, our process flow is:

1. Contact: A client can contact our service team at the centre and request a consultation or counselling service.

2. Initial assessment: During the initial assessment, our team will ask questions to determine the client’s needs.

3. Setting up an appointment: Our team will then set up an appointment with the appropriate specialist.

4. Session: The session with the specialist will determine the current state of health, areas of improvement and aspects that need to change for the client to lead a healthier lifestyle.

5. Follow up: After the session, the specialist may set a follow-up session to check in and ensure that the client is making progress towards his health and wellness goals.

6. Maintenance: On an ongoing basis, our team will contact the client periodically to monitor progress and provide the necessary feedback and assistance.

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