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Employee Engagement Programme


  • Tailored wellness initiatives sponsored by corporates (exercise classes, mental health workshops and others) to keep the workforce engaged & healthy

  • These engagement initiatives contribute to increased employee morale and productivity

  • Programmes can be year-long, quarterly or as needed

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  1. Healthcare Service Name: Employee Engagement Programme

It is a state-of-the-art engagement platform that uses multiple channels to engage with employees. We regularly send out:

  • Emails, newsletters and messages to inform & engage employees

  • Regular webinars & onsite group sessions by healthcare domain experts

  • One-on-one, onsite health & wellness coaching by the staff at our centre.

  1. Our programme focuses on:

Understanding the demographics and claims history of your employee population, stratified first by age and gender, to devise programmes that fit different cohorts.

Next, we create

  • Corporate anchor persons, for running different promotions, events & challenges

  • Community knowledge hubs are for specific issues (e.g., obesity, hypertension)

  • Rewards & benefits (gamification) for health & lifestyle challenges

  • Dashboards to monitor benefits utilisation and employee engagement

What Are the Benefits of an Employee Engagement Programme?

  • It provides a programme tailored to your company’s demographic profile. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach

  • It offers an engagement and effectiveness matrix to gauge traction, MIS reports will track benefits utilisation, help invest in benefits that employees prefer and highlight recurring issues

  • It helps employees make meaningful changes to their lifestyle and health, improve morale and productivity


  1. Service Team:

The programme is run by a team of experts including our Wellness Concierges, nurses, nutritionists and physicians. The Concierge collects relevant data from the client for analysis by our dietitian and physician. Our Nutritionists, Physicians & therapists design the programme after consulting with the client and it then moves to implementation under the Centre Manager, assisted by the Concierges.

  1. Other Related Services

The variety of services depends on the nature of the engagement.

  1. Pricing and Engagement Period

It depends on the content and duration of the engagement

Process Flow:

1. The client reads about our Employee Engagement Programme in a brochure/leaflet/advertorial, or our staff informs the client, and the client decides to explore.

2. The client shares the engagement objective, and the associated data required to design a programme suited to the employee population.

3. LifeUno presents for approval a set of options, with suggested content, duration and pricing.

4. After approval, the onboarding process begins with an engagement calendar, a communications plan, an event SOP and a management review format & calendar.

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