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Our healthcare service, Body Composition Analysis (BCA), uses an automated machine to assess and analyse body composition. It accurately measures fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage, providing valuable insights into overall health. By breaking down weight into fat, protein, minerals, and body water components, BCA identifies areas for improvement. Our experienced team of medical professionals interprets the results and offers personalized recommendations. BCA is suitable for athletes, individuals with medical conditions, postpartum mothers, and anyone seeking a detailed understanding of their body composition. composition.


 About Our Programme:

The programme focuses on providing a more accurate depiction of an individual's healthy weight than traditional methods such as BMI and weight. It provides insight into where an individual can make changes to improve their overall health and wellness and helps identify any person's muscle-fat composition. The programme is suitable for athletes, individuals with existing medical conditions, postpartum mothers, children, and individuals who are looking for a more detailed understanding of their body composition.

Is BMI different from BCA?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an oversimplified method of health assessment as it does not take into consideration factors such as muscle-fat composition which can influence an individual's health. Additionally, it cannot identify changes in weight due to fat, muscle, or body water, making it difficult to track weight change over time. For these reasons, BMI can be inaccurate and misleading when evaluating health status.


What Are the Benefits of Body Composition Analysis?

  • It provides a more accurate understanding of an individual's body composition than BMI and weight.

  • It helps individuals identify areas to work on to improve their overall health and wellness.

  • It can accurately measure changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

  • It is beneficial in predicting risk for common chronic diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes

  • It can improve one’s immune system and reduce health risks.

Service Team:

The entire programme is conducted by a team of experts including a Care Concierge, Nurse, and Nutritionist. The Care Concierge collects relevant data from the client and directs the client to the Nutritionist for interpretation of the report, and counselling. The Nurse collects the Vitals while the Nutritionist is responsible for conducting the Body Composition Analysis and interpreting the report.

Other Related Services

Along with BCA, we also provide a variety of other services such as personalised exercise plans, lifestyle management programmes, stress and anxiety management, customised nutrition plans, body composition tracking, fitness assessments, wellness coaching, health diagnostics and more.

Pricing and Engagement Period

Our pricing for Body Composition Analysis is Rs. 500/- and the programme is available for a period of six months to follow through.

Process Flow:

1. The individual reads about Body Composition Analysis (BCA) in a brochure/leaflet/advertorial or a Guest Relation Executive informs them of it.

2. The individual visits the Centre to enquire about the BCA, and the Care Concierge provides detailed information regarding the procedure and its benefits.

3. The Care Concierge collects the relevant data and bills for the BCA.

4. The Nurse collects the vitals of the client.

5. The Care Concierge guides the client to the Nutritionist counselling room for the BCA.

6. The client removes their shoes and socks and is barefoot to undergo the BCA.

7. We conduct the BCA in the nutritionist’s counselling room and print the report. The Nutritionist then interprets the report, counsels the client and advises how the results of the BCA can be beneficial to their overall health and wellness.

8. The Care Concierge takes the client’s feedback and hands over the report in an envelope.

9. The Care Concierge reminds the client to follow up on the guidance provided to ensure they maintain optimum health and wellness. The Care Concierge takes the client’s feedback and thanks them for their patronage.

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