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About Us

About Us

LifeUno is a one-stop solution to address your community's health emergency, wellness, and more. Our well-trained Care Managers provide health & wellness services 24/7 at the residents' doorstep in your apartment complex.

Our Care Managers are humane touchpoints that gather relevant health information. And on this basis, our healthcare experts design personalised Care Plans, and our staff follow up for administration & adherence to the protocol. We are a health maintenance Service Provider. Our experts have carefully chosen a vast range of health & wellness services for your needs. We partner with the best of the Service Providers.

​We understand your struggle with the journey full of uncertainty and unpredictability at every step, from a health emergency to the discovery process, diagnosis, access to the proper treatment and affordability. LifeUno aims to close this gap by bringing holistic healthcare solutions closer to you.


With LifeUno, you can relax and be at peace knowing that our able team will take due care of all needs of you and your family, during signing up, arranging a doctor’s visit or getting admitted to a Hospital as and when required.


Our Story

LifeUno was founded to make health and wellness services accessible to everyone in their residential complex. Presently, due to a fragmented and fractured health system with high emphasis only on curative care, an individual struggles at multiple touch-points, whether it is the ease of access or establishing trust while seeking healthcare support.
Our goal at LifeUno is to act as a layer between the patient and the existing system and utilise our well-built healthcare eco-system to provide a predictive experience and offer a wide array of holistic wellness services to our Members.


To influence and build caring communities across the world that bring about a profound shift in the way we look at health, wellness and well-being, for us and by us. 



To validate and improve the personal well-being of 1,000,000 people by 2027. By bringing together processes, people, providers and technology on a seamless platform, we shall be present in 20 urban locations.

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Values & Belief

Our core values lie in being humane, non-judgmental and non-discriminatory in all our actions.


We believe that collective independence forms the necessary bedrock for a culture of wellness and well-being of our societies where individuals and groups converge into a single beam of light. Focused on empathy, aided by technology - and supported by professionals who act keeping only the best interest of others in mind.






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“None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer

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